Article number: 300042300 Product: W Cardan Shaft (M-Chassis) *2

These are Double Cardan drive shafts, which were designed for and included with the M-05 Ver.II R chassis kit (Item 84424). They are available as a stand-alone Hop-Up Option for any of Tamiya's M-05 machines. They offer minimal deviation and give improved suspension feel.

• Drive Shaft x2
• Wheel Axle x2
• Joint Casing x2 (Item 42219)
• Parts from Cross Joint for Double Cardan Joint Shaft (Item 42221)
• Compatible with M-05, M-06, MF-01X and TA05 M-Four chassis cars.

W Cardan Shaft (M-Chassis) *2

  • Article number: 300042300
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