TA08 PRO Chassis-Kit

Great news for RC fans: With the TA08 PRO Tamiya has announced another chassis of the legendary TA series. The 2-belt-driven 1:10 scale 4WD touring chassis is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offers numerous tuning options.

A foretaste of the TA08 PRO can be found in the video on YouTube. More information about the chassis can be found here.

Technical details of the model:

  • 1:10 scale RC touring car chassis
  • Stepped-V design that balances weight and rigidity.
  • Battery and servo are positioned at a slight angle (approx. 10 degrees) to reduce surface contact and allow optimal weight distribution.
  • 4wd with TRF420 gear differentials and TA07 differential joint
  • A-arm suspension with low centre of gravity
  • Adjustable camber and caster angles by turnbuckle shafts and lower arm spacers respectively
  • "Super Short Big Bore" dampers

If you want to try out the TA08 PRO, you have to be patient a little while. Tamiya has scheduled the worldwide public sales date for the chassis on June 28, 2021.

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