Article number: 300035355
Product: 1:35 Brit. Pz Matilda Mk.III/IV Red Army

This kit updates the popular British Matilda (Item 35300) with parts to recreate a Soviet-spec Matilda. The tank itself was a durable, heavy design with 2-pounder gun that was well-suited to the slower infantry tank role in British armor doctrine. Eventually, the Matilda was replaced by the Valentine. Like the Valentine, it was supplied to Soviet forces under a lend-lease scheme. Around 1,000 were provided; they were generally given new tracks and simplified suspension with bogie skids, re-designed side skirts, and other modifications.

New Parts

•Soviet-design assembly track parts
•Suspension bogie skid parts
•Solid (no slits) hull front locker hatches
•2 Red Army torso figures
•2 Red Army marking options

1/35 Matilda MkIII/IV Red Army

  • Article number: 300035355
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
Is factory-supplied
Subject to prior sale, availability are provided on a daily basis and non-binding.
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