- This is a 1/48 scale plastic figure assembly kit set.
- German infantry troops are accurately captured in uniform typical of the Mid-WWII period.
- Figures are in realistic pose and have lifelike facial expressions that add a further element of authenticity to any model or diorama of the period.
- Contains parts for 10 figures in realistic pose: a non-commissioned officer (NCO) with binoculars, a rifleman with his foot on some rubble, another with resting with one knee on the floor, one with grenade cases, two machine gunners with MG34 and MG42 machine guns respectively, and one marching, plus three soldierssitting down on the ground.
- Accessories include Kar98K rifle, and MP40 submachine gun.
- Whether used on its own or integrated into a diorama, this set really shines thanks to crisp molding and plentiful accessories.
- Quality decals are also in the box and ready for use in the depiction of rank insignia on shoulders and collars.

1:48 Fig.-Set Ger. Wehrm. Infantry (10)

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  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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