Article number: 300077504
Product: 1:700 Brit. Nelson Battleship WL

The HMS Nelson was launched as the type ship of the Nelson class on September 3, 1925, and was put into service in 1927. Like her sister ship, the HMS Rodney, the Nelson had three triple 16-inch towers that were placed in the well-protected front half of the ship. She was temporarily the flagship of the Royal Navy and initially served mostly together with her sister ship. During the Second World War, the Nelson belonged to the Homefleet and was involved in the search for various German warships. From 1941 she supported the Allied landings in North Africa and later the landings in Sicily. When she supported the landing in Normandy in the summer of 1944, she ran into two mines. After her repair, she was deployed in the Pacific, then transferred to the reserve and scrapped in 1949. The TAMIYA kit model impresses with its accuracy of fit and attention to detail.

1:700 Brit. Nelson Battleship WL

  • Article number: 300077504
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