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Product: 1:700 Jap. Shinano Aircraft Carrier Waterline

In October 1944, the Shinano was launched, one of the largest aircraft carriers of World War II.
The construction of the giant Yamato-class ship began shortly after the Japanese defeat at Midway and was completed in November 1944.
The total length of the Shinano was 266 meters, the carrier had a displacement of 62,000 tons.
From the Yamato the Shinano inherited the strong armor as well as a reinforced flight deck that could withstand a direct explosion of a 500 kg bomb.
Before its first deployment – on the way to an equipment quay – the vessel was discovered and torpedoed by an American submarine.
Shortly afterwards the Shinano capsized near the shores of Shionomisaki. The Shinano is still the largest warship sunk by a submarine.

1:700 Jap. Shinano Aircraft Carrier WL

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