Tamiya Educational Kits


The best kits for machines, for even more fun.

Fun is not only when you are on the road with the vehicles, but it starts much earlier with great kits for machines.

Model building experts know that Tamiya especially values sophisticated and exceptional technology.

Somit also the kits for machines are an absolute must for every modeling fan. Through a Tamiya learning kit, the technology behind the vehicles becomes accessible to everyone. In addition, technical skills can be trained and developed. Through the Kits for machines every hobbyist gets his money's worth.

And also important basics can be learned so incidentally. Especially if you want to know more about machines. How do the individual components of a vehicle interact so that it drives and how does the transmission work, for example?

The Tamiya learning kit gives exactly an answer. If you like to know what's behind things and how the drive and co. work, the kits for machines are just right for you.

Tamiya learning kit: varied - detailed - incomparable.

  • Teaching kit 4-Track tracked vehicle: With this kit for machines is shown how a tracked vehicle works. Not only that instead of tires, chains are attached, but also the pendulum suspension is special for the tracked vehicle. Thus, the vehicle is particularly suitable for rough terrain and is guaranteed to master any obstacle course.
  • Teaching Skate Robot: The Tamiya learning kit shows how a functioning robot can be assembled. In addition, the robot is equipped with roller skates. This makes it easy for him to move on straight surfaces, once he is assembled.
  • STEM Microcomputer Robot (chain): The MachineKit is a mixture of tracked vehicle and robot. The tracked robot also has an ultrasonic sensor, a microcomputer and dual motor control, this allows it to avoid obstacles, for example. Even lifting the arms while driving is possible. The caterpillar robot is an absolute highlight for all hobbyists and programmers.
  • STEM Microcomputer Robot (wheel): Similar to the caterpillar robot works this Tamiya learning kit, only that the robot has wheels. Through this type of machinekits, especially scientific and technical talent is promoted.

Why kits for machines from Tamiya are the best.

The brand not only stands for quality, expertise and passion, but Tamiya is also the leading manufacturer for remote control cars. The experience and precision stand for the vehicles. Also the kits for machines are thus an absolute must for connoisseurs. Especially by expanding the range with a Tamiya learning kitthere is something for everyone. Whether hobbyist or collector, the modeling connoisseurs will find just the right thing at Tamiya.

Through the kits for machines, such as the tracked vehicle and the robots, the model series is expanded, so that other forms of locomotion can be experienced. Because by the Tamiya learning kit, it is no longer purely about the model building of remote-controlled cars, but also the operation of robots is shown. The kit for machinesare thus an ideal occupation for any tinkerer who has a penchant for technology and science.