Fascination asphalt: Choosing the perfect RC onroad car


The best RC road vehicles from Tamiya.

Tamiya is the leading manufacturer in terms of true-to-the-original model kits. While the assortment just not only impresses with particularly agile and off-road vehicles, there are also quite a few sports cars. Car races with remote control cars to contest, thus becomes an easy.

Whether privately or quite officially in car races with remote control cars are the models of Tamiya always leading. High speeds and rapid maneuvers can be mastered with the RC road cars quite easily, as the models are ideal on the road. The direct transmission and the sensitive technology of the remote control contribute to the fact that the road vehicles outshine their competitors in every race. So if you want to make sure you have a competitive RC road car you can't go past the models from Tamiya.

Detailed designs, precise engineering and captivating expertise make for lots of fun to assemble.

In addition, this ensures that Tamiya vehicles always stand out in the car races of remote-controlled vehicles. Whether you're a collector, tinkerer or racer, Tamiya RC road vehicles are a must-have for any modeling connoisseur.

With RC tuning parts from CARSON, Tamiya RC kits can be individualized and modified to be even faster and more maneuverable in the next race.

Car racing with remote control cars - Why the 1:10 RC au TOM's GR Supra (TT-02) is unbeatable.

The Toyota GR Supra GT500 is a sports car that is unmistakable in the racing scene. For all fans who want to have the car at home, Tamiya has the 1:10 RC au TOM's GR Supra (TT-02) model in the RC onroad series.

The model of the Toyota GR Supra GT500 impresses with special details:

  • Optical highlights: Aerodynamic design and captivating neo-paint.
  • Technical highlight: 4WD- Antrieb, suspension struts, 540 torque-tuned engine and individually adjustable wheelbase, track and gear ratio.
  • Extras: slick tires, wheel hubs and brake disc dummies

Due to the detailed equipment and the know-how of the engineers, the Toyota is the ideal model for car racing with remote controlled cars. Especially fans of the racing scene get their money's worth, as the model is in no way inferior to the original. The RC road car onroad is suitable for any road race and offers not only driving fun, but also the desire to win.

Tamiya RC Road Vehicles - Incomparably good.

The Japanese manufacturer of model vehicles Tamiya is not only the market leader, but also enjoys great popularity in the modeling scene worldwide. Whether remote-controlled vehicles or ships, the quality of Tamiya's models is unmistakable. Both the RC road vehicles onroad, as well as the offroad models are technically at the highest level. Sodass modelers not only have fun assembling, but also using.

The decades of experience, the constant development and attention to detail make the models of Tamiya incomparable. At the same time, it is up to everyone what he wants to do with his remote-controlled vehicle. All those who are primarily interested in the racing scene are also right with the models of Tamiya. Who decides for a RC road model onroad, which can be sure that he will score in car races guaranteed.