1-10 McLaren Senna TT-02

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RC road vehicle onroad - Why the models from Tamiya are unbeatable.

Appealing, captivating, incomparable... the RC road cars onroad from Tamiya are a must-have for any fan of fast remote controlled cars. The RC kits from Tamiya not only win every car race with remote controlled cars, but also bring lots of fun to the tinkerers. From assembling to driving fun on the road, the RC road vehicles onroad are ideal for spending exciting hours outdoors as well as indoors.

In addition to top speeds, präzisier steering and handling, the models also impress with distinctive design. In any car race with remote control cars, the RC road cars onroad are an absolute eye-catcher. Remote-controlled cars offer of course not only a lot of driving fun, but they train incidentally the motor skills and the forward thinking, if you focus on the high speeds.

Car racing with remote-controlled cars are accordingly an ideal occupation in the fresh air. And if it should be uncomfortable outside, then you can always expand the vehicles with great accessories or maintain them regularly for optimal mileage.

So the RC road vehicle onroad guaranteed always fun.

Never lose a car race with remote control cars, with the unbeatable 1:10 McLaren Senna TT-02.

The model 1:10 McLaren Senna TT-02 is one of the most popular supercar models ever.

The McLaren Senna captivates fans around the world with its speed and incomparable design. So if you don't want to end up at the back of the field in car races with remote-controlled cars, this model is perfect for you.

The RC road car onroad model is therefore a must for every winner type.

The 1:10 McLaren Senna TT-02 model impresses especially with its outstanding technology and the impressive details such as:

  • The optics can be customized in color.
  • The RC road car onroad model can be expanded and optimized by countless tuning parts, just as you wish.
  • Features: 4 WD drive, 540 torque tuned engine, independent suspension for better grip on the road, treaded tires and much more.

The McLaren Senna model from Tamiya is thus for every modeling fan who wants to customize his vehicle, just right. And whether at a car race with remote controlled cars or yet quite privately, with the model everyone comes fully at his expense. Through the attention to detail and through the sophisticated technology developed by experienced experts, the RC road car onroad is the ideal model for fans of the McLaren Senna.

RC road cars and co. - If remote control cars, then Tamiya.

"First in Quality Around the world" with the advertising slogan describes Tamiya what it is all about in terms of modeling.

Through the unique quality, the Japanese manufacturer is the market leader in its field. So who wants to have a RC road vehicle onroad or even another model with the best equipment, you can not get past Tamiya.

Whether in car racing with remote control cars or relaxed hours alone or with the family, the models of Tamiya are just right for all enthusiasts and modeling fans.

When experience, know-how and passion meet, then remote controlled cars are created, which are guaranteed to meet every demand. In car races with remote control cars, the models are guaranteed to hang off any competitor. Thus, a RC road car onroad from Tamiya is a great remote control car for experts, enthusiasts and beginners.

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