TAMIYA RC Kits & Accessories Guide

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TAMIYA RC kit accessories - From kit to running model

RC kits offer the optimal occupation for passionate hobbyists, die-hard collectors and true car fans. They allow you to go through the creation process from the kit with individual parts to the finished, functional model - a great experience! The TAMIYA RC kits thereby appeal to both beginners and car-loving teenagers as well as experienced professionals in the field of RC model building. 

What are RC kits?

RC kits are sets that enable you to assemble a remote control vehicle yourself step by step. 

With the help of instructions, you can create roadworthy models, and the tinkering can be at least as much fun as driving your RC vehicle later. 

What you can build with TAMIYA kits

At TAMIYA diversity is capitalized! This is of course reflected in our range. The selection of TAMIYA kits is huge: We carry a wide variety of RC cars, cool RC buggies, power-packed RC trucks and detailed RC tanks. If you'd rather skip the tinkering and hit the ground running, we also have RTR/ARR models that arrive (pretty much) fully assembled. You see: The possibilities that are opened to you with TAMIYA kits are numerous.

TAMIYA RC kit accessories - An overview

Longtime modelers know: With the right kit accessories, you can get the most out of your RC vehicles. RC accessories can take the experience of tinkering and driving to a whole new level and help you to design your RC model vehicles entirely according to your own ideas. Popular is primarily accessories from these categories:

RC Spare Parts & Tuning Parts

Over the long life of an RC car, the wear and tear of some parts is not absent. With compatible RC spare parts, wear parts can be replaced easily, so that the vehicle is quickly ready for use again. The most common replacement and tuning parts in the RC field include axles, drive shafts, ball bearings and shock absorbers. 

RC bodies

You want to give your favorite model a new look? High-quality RC bodies let the vehicles shine in no time in new splendor. Available are both ready-designed bodies and unpainted products, which can be designed by means of stencils and Co. themselves. 

RC Motors & RC Electronics

If you are concerned with the "inner values", RC motors and electronic parts are the accessories you need. The focus here is clearly the engines that give your RC vehicle power. 

RC Tires & Rims

And even a new set of tires or rims can be part of the finishing touches for an RC model. After all, the tires affect the driving experience to a considerable extent and make together with chic rims quite a bit. 

RC Truck Accessories

A special RC accessories category is aimed at truck fans. Because even the giants among the remote-controlled vehicles can be spiced up with extravagant bodies, powerful engines, brand new tires and all sorts of other RC kit accessories. 

By the way, you can find high-quality accessories for TAMIYA kits at "RC Accessories"


TAMIYA kit - scope of delivery

To start your first-class experience with TAMIYA RC kits well informed, you need to know what you can expect to receive. Your TAMIYA kit comes with all the small parts - from the tires to the axles to the body - that you need to assemble the model. Only the remote control, battery and servo are not included in the standard kit. So you'll need to purchase these accessories separately in order for your RC vehicle to be operational. You'll also want to make sure you have the tools you need to assemble it. On these we go later in this article in more detail.

The right accessories for TAMIYA RC kits

If you want to buy accessories for TAMIYA RC kits, the CARSON store is the optimal place to go. There you will find a wide selection of RC accessories for TAMIYA kits, which knows how to convince with a top quality. For example, at CARSON you can buy remote controls, batteries, servos, tuning parts and other accessories that perfectly match your TAMIYA kit. 

What do you need to assemble an RC kit?

To build an RC model from your TAMIYA kit, you need not only the product set and the appropriate accessories, but also some tools. Note that these are not included. Depending on the model and individual ideas you need, for example, a screwdriver, a cutter knife and a suitable work surface, but also brushes, paints and varnishes. If you specifically want to learn more about how to paint the body of your RC car professionally, you should take a look at our informative article on the topic of "RC body painting

Tips and tricks for trouble-free assembly of TAMIYA kits

To make your tinkering experience with the TAMIYA RC kits a complete success, we have finally compiled some practical tips for you:

1. Consider the instructions exactly

To get a beautiful, functioning result, you must absolutely adhere to the instructions. This explains to you the individual steps exactly and saves you from mistakes. 

2. Keep order

The assembly of RC kits is associated with the handling of numerous small parts. To avoid losing parts or having to constantly search for the right part, you should sensibly sort the parts in advance and keep them tidy throughout the build. You can use, among other things, small boxes and trays to store nuts and bolts clearly  

3. Wear protective clothing

For some work steps, it is recommended to wear protective clothing. If you paint a car body, for example, is strongly advised to wear a respirator. If you handle a cutter knife, cut-resistant protective gloves can be useful. 

4. Bring time

Remember: Rome was not built in a day. RC model building is a time-consuming hobby that you should approach with the motto "the journey is the destination". Try to enjoy the building process, and avoid apparent "shortcuts" that contradict the instructions. Because: Without the necessary patience you will not achieve an ideal result. 

5. Get support

Even when you are assembling your first TAMIYA RC kits, it can of course happen that questions arise or unforeseen problems emerge. No reason to give up! Turn to experienced model builders and ask them - for example, via an online forum - for advice. After all, no master has fallen from the sky!

Conclusion: RC kits - What to consider

The occupation with TAMIYA RC kits is a wonderful hobby that appeals to many people through its rich variety. However, for the sake of best results and the smoothest possible assembly, you should consider a few things. Apart from model type, scale and quality, you should pay attention to the scope of delivery when buying an RC kit. Because: A TAMIYA kit does not include servo, battery and remote control. You can find the missing accessories for your TAMIYA RC kit at CARSON, for example in the product category Spare Parts & Accessories. So you are well equipped for your RC modeling adventure!

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