TRF 1050 Bearing Thick 3mm (2)
TRF 1050 Bearing Thick 3mm (2)

TRF 1050 Bearing Thick 3mm (2)

  • Article number: 300042220
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years


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Product information

Article number: 300042220
Product: TRF 1050 Bearing Thick 3mm (2)

These are 5x10mm bearings that are 3mm wide. They can be used in any of Tamiya's touring cars that are equipped with the reversible suspension system and using Double-Cardan drive shafts. Compared to the standard 5x10mmx4mm wide bearings that are normally used with the reversible suspension system, these 1mm narrower bearings allow for better clearance of the Double-Cardan swing shaft.

Note: These bearings need only be used on the front or rear inside portion of the hub carrier.

2x ball bearings

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!

Product details

- for TA07 MS chassis, TA06 MS chassis, FF-04 EVO chassis, TB-Evo.6 chassis, TB-Evo.6 MS chassis, TB-Evo.7 chassis, TC-01 chassis, TRF419 chassis, TRF419X chassis, TRF419XR chassis
- for TT-02 TYPE-SR chassis ... kit standard
- for TA07 PRO chassis, TA08 PRO chassis, TA06 chassis, TA06 PRO chassis, FF-03 chassis, FF-03 PRO chassis, TB-03 chassis, TB-03 VDS chassis, TB-04 chassis, TB-04 PRO chassis, TB
- for 05 PRO chassis / TA05 ver.Ⅱ chassis ... Only for vehicles with 42216
- for MF-01X chassis, M-05 chassis, M-05 PRO chassis, M-05 ver.II PRO chassis, M-06 chassis, M-06 PRO chassis... Used with 42300
- for M-07 CONCEPT chassis and M-08 CONCEPT chassis... Used with 42312
- for TT-02 TYPE-S chassis... Used with 42218, 42219, 42221, 42239
- for TRF420X... Used with 42218

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