Article number: 300035330
Product: 1:35 M561 Transport-Fahrzeug Gama Goat

The M561 Gama Goat was seven years in development until production of the vehicle began in 1968. Its unique name was derived from the creator of its articulated joint, Roger Gamaunt, and its mountain goat-like climbing ability. It was unlike most other military off-road vehicles in that power could go to all 6 wheels of the vehicle, and its aforementioned articulated joint allowed 80° pitch and 60° roll ranges of the carrier module at the rear. Its excellent rough-terrain mobility was tempered somewhat by problems with tricky handling and maintenance, as well as its being rather noisy, but the Gama Goat continued in service until it was effectively replaced by the HMMWV in the late 1980s.

About the Model
• This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
• Length: 170mm, Width: 62mm.
• The articulation joint of the M561 is recreated faithfully, and the joint on the model uses a poly-cap to accurately mimic the movement range of the real vehicle.
• The model features optional front windshield and front-mounted winch parts.
• The complex 6-wheel drive suspension is recreated in a single molded part without sacrificing accuracy.
• 1 driver figure is included.
• Comes with 3 marking options.

1:35 M561 6x6 Cargo Truck Gama Goat

  • Article number: 300035330
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
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