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Article number: 300035339 Product: 1:35 WWI British Infantrie Fig.-Set (5)

This newly-designed and molded set of accurate WWI British infantry figures has been released to coincide with the release of Tamiya's first WWI tank model, Item 30057 British Tank Mk.IV (w/single motor). Why not use the figures and tank model together to create a thrilling diorama of a scene from the First World War?

About the Set • This is a 1/35 scale plastic figure assembly kit. • The set includes parts to make 5 realistic figures in a variety of action poses. • A commander is depicted with Webley revolver, whilst 3 gunners are recreated in various firing postures. A machine gunner figure is depicted firing whilst laying on the ground. • The set also comes with a wide range of scale accessories to further liven up your diorama. They include Lee-Enfield weapons, a Lewis light machine gun, helmets, gas mask cases, water canisters, trench-digging tools and more. • The set offers a choice of 2 versions of Lee-Enfield rifles and helmets to depict typical trench and non-trench warfare outfits.

1:35 WWI British Infantry Fig.-Set (5)

  • Article number: 300035339
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