VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)

VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)

  • Référence article : 300058650
  • Âge recommandé : sur 14 ans


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Informations produit

Article number: 300058650
Product: 1:10 RC VW Beetle Rally (MF-01X)

This is the latest release on the MF-01X chassis, and it features a rally version of a true classic car. The Volkswagen Beetle - thanks to its superlative reliability and uncomplicated upkeep - was a fixture on the global rally circuit from the 1950s through to the 1980s, and this model is inspired by such rallying Beetles. What
better chassis to pair it with than the shaft-driven 4WD MF-01X, which is at home on a range of surfaces from road to flat dirt?

About the Model
• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 397mm, width: 163mm.
• The model uses the 239mm L wheelbase.
• The playful form of the Beetle is captured artfully in polycarbonate. Bumpers and side mirrors are recreated using separate metal-plated parts.
• Front light pods and brand new rally-style stickers are included to give the model a rally car air. Rally block tires offer excellent grip.
• The MF-01X is at home on-road or on flat dirt, thanks to 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.
• Power from the rear mounted motor is transmitted by gear differential to the rear wheels, and via a propeller shaft to the front. The chassis can be assembled into S and M wheelbases using separately sold propeller shafts.
• A host of Hop-Up Option parts are available to tune the MF-01X chassis.


Technical details:
• Impact-resistant Bathhubframe chassis
• Front bumper
• Double wishbone suspension
• Independent suspension at front and rear
• Shock absorbers
• 4WD all-wheel drive
• Differential gears
• Clear Polycarbonate body
• Type 540 Torque Tuned electric motor
• Electronic speed controller
• Rally block tires

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Beetle Rally

Preiswerte Hobbyrennsemmel
Zwar nicht originalgetreu,da 4 WD ,wird aber dafür auch mit gröberen Untergründen fertig ????????Empfehlenswertest :Kugellager mehr Fett in die Getriebe und Öldruckstoßdämpfer,Rennmotor Beim Aufbau höhere Bodenfreiheit wählen
Damit bekommt man ein Fünffahrzeug mit viel Dampf dahinter ,zum Minnipreis ,das viel Freude bereitet???????????????? Montrer la traduction

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